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Babyliss hair flat iron sample testing report

  • Author:Ellabella
  • Release on:2016-10-11
                                                                             Babyliss Hair flat iron sample testing report

Some of our costmers send us samples for mold opening up or new project or just for analysis. Yesterday, we receive a sample from a Middle East. He told us he love this product, because it looks nice and good to use. But after open up in the lab, we suggest to stop selling this kind of s**t right away! There is no fuse in this MCH heating system, and it's like you are holding a bomb in your hand! TOOOO dangerous...

And we guess this is not a really Babyliss.

Here is some of the testing points:

Sample setted highest temperature is 240C--470F;
Heating up time:20S to 200C;
Striving peak temperature 260C---500F;
Stable real highest temperature is 225C---437F;

Striving peak temperature 260C---500F

Stable real highest temperature 225C---437F   WOW, still about 15 C difference, for MCH control, not a good job. FBT can do +-5C.

NO FUSE... This is very dangerous for a MCH system!

Go get a reliable hair tools supplier in China to save costing and make your business safe!