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Difference between red infrared ray and blue light technology

  • Author:Cathy
  • Release on:2016-10-19

Not too sure about the difference between red infrared ray and blue light technology?

When you see the hair tools with red infrared light and blue light on sale in a beauty supply, my guess is most of you(like me) are quite confused.

Here are the blue light and red infrared light difference:

Infrared light wavelength:

Infrared light is a component of sunlight that cannot be seen. The wavelength between 0.76μm - 1000μm is the infrared ray.

1. short area length: 0.76-3μm

2. meddium area length: 3-30 μm
3. far area length: 30-1000 μm

The first short length can penetrate in human body about 5-10mm; and the second and third one can only penetrate human body less than 2mm, and most of them are reflected by skin surface.

FBT uses 0.76-3μm infrared light on our flat irons which can penetrate in human body deeper than the others.

The red in-fared ray is actually invisible, not in the color of red. But we use some red light to indicate its exist.

Red infrared ray function:

a. Activate the water molecules

b. Improve blood circulation

c. Regulate the autonomatic nervous system

Blue light wave length:

The wavelength between 400nm-480nm in the spectrum is called blue light.

The blue light in 405nm-470nm is the best to have the above anti-bacteria effect.

So far, this technology is popularly used in Medical,cosmetology
and beauty appliances.

Blue light function:

Anti-bacteria effect, and is being used in medical, cosmetology and therapy.

Blue light provides antimicrobial properties that prevent buildup and bacteria. Besides, it deodorizing and refreshing hair during styling when used in a hair tool.

Of course, the cost for hair tools with the red infrared technology and blue light technology will be higher than the normal ones.