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Flat Iron Success Tips For Beautiful Black Hair

  • Author:Liz
  • Release on:2017-08-10
If you bored with a wave hair, it is time to try something new, how about a shiny straighten hair? Please review these flat iron success tips before ironing for your beautiful black hair.

1- Healthy Hair – Happy Hair!
Firstly ,make sure your hair healthy, ask your hairdresser how to repair the damaged hair.Luxuriant hair is the best-looking hair, whether ironed or not.

2 - Black Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
If you want a shiny, silky hair, treat your black hair with appropriate shampoo but also an adequate conditioner.

3 - The Rest Of The Hair Care Kit
Hair care kits like hair balms and serums you should keep one, as it will enhance the hair ironing process and prevent moisture to ruin your flat hair look.

4 - Hair Oil – After Or Before Ironing?
One of the most common mistakes is using hair oil before flat ironing. If you fancy a lively hair look, a small amount of oil after the hair styling iron will help. Never put oil before flat ironing, this can make the process hard and longer as well.

5 - Too High Heat – Will Harm Your Hair!
Before you start with hair ironing, remember to apply a heat protestant. As too high heat can damage your beautiful black hair and also harm the heat protector.

6 - Choose The Perfect Flat Iron
While shopping, take a look at the plates of the irons. You will never make mistakes to choose ceramic, titanium or tourmaline.
Still, slight differences exist. If you want to iron your hair evenly, then buy a ceramic straightener. If you want to get the silky hair look, choose tourmaline iron. On the other hand, titanium iron tools are great for thick and lively hair.

7 - Should I Iron Dry Or Wet Hair?
If you want to get endurable straightening effect after heat styling, then your hair must be almost or completely dry. If you iron wet hair, it will curl for sure.

8 - ‘Only Fools Rush In…’
Anyway, don’t rush when ironing your hair by a hair tool. Ever. For the lasting and successful effect, you must be patient. Otherwise, there’s no point in wasting your time for average flat ironing outcome.

9 - How Often Can I Flat Iron My Black Hair, …I Wonder…
Well, this depends on your hair condition. If you cut your hair often enough and treat it the way I’ve already explained. In order to spare your black hair from any harm or damage,it is better do it once week, stick to the schedule.

10 - Always Set The Right Temperature!
Hair iron is better with temperature adjuster, so you can actually set the temperature on your flat iron according to the general characteristics of your hair and set the temperature for different part of your hair.