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How to use the hair flat iron curling hair?

  • Author:Ivy Yan
  • Release on:2016-10-12
As we know hair flat iron hair, straightening, but also Curling hair with simply works.

Now we will show you how to use hair flat iron curling hair:

1, Brush your hair until it's becomes smoothly, hole the hair flat iron and a small wisp of hair, just as below:

2, Clip up your hair via hair flat iron, we recommend you the 1 inch wide hair flat iron since the narrow plate is much more easier to curl hair,

3, Start to curl you hair, and put the hair flat iron to 3/4 of the hair, then winding your hair around the flat iron, release after a moment, and the wave comes after that.

4, If the wave doesn't show up, you may have to slide slowly down, and take more time to get every piece of your hair, or try to grab a smaller section, or setting the temperature slight up, but please do not heat up too high to damage you hair.

The curl hair effect whould like below one if you use 1 inch narrow hair flat iron

Now, do you know how to use the hair flat iron curling your hair? it's very simply, isn't it?

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