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How many things do you know about hair tools gift box?

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2017-06-17

As the importance and charm of hair styling iron, so many women, even men are tend to buy hair styling tools, so the hair tools gift box becoming more and more important for brandholders, importer, distributor, wholesale.

FBT provide several of creative and innovative package for client choose.
But how to choose a proper design. Here we can help you to make the suitable packaging.

1. The typical gift box : Simple box,  double box, PVC box, Magnetic box, Shoe box

Which one is best  for you? There are some reasons you need to consider.
As you  different Price, different quality. If you budge is not too much, a medium price PVC box or double box will be ok for you.
Or you are looking for a luxury and exclusive box. Why not choosing the magnetic box or shoe box.
It can catch people’s eyes in the first time. And the outer packaging is also looks high-end and rich.


2. Customized your package

What is your customer base? Young girl or middle age? Are you prefer to bright color or nature color? Before you customized the package, you need to know what you want to show and match your hair styling irons?
Most client will add the logo, website,  product picture or product selling points to decorate the box. It  is an important way to advertising your brand.


3 .Gloss finishing VS matte lamination.

The gloss finish is made with a special UV varnish. This coating gives your box greater contrast and color depth giving your customer a truly professional look.
Matte lamination. one protective oil layer is coated on the surface of the printed product, so that the gift box can express a matte effect, the package is very fine and artistic, thereby guaranteeing the quality and the grade of the product.
Gloss is a matter of taste; some of our customers love it, others prefer the matte finish.