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How to buy a high quality beard trimmer?

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2016-12-16

You can see many different brand of beard trimmers on the market, A lot of trimmer type such as with  cordless or corded, and some with many different length settings or  attachments. But what should you consider before buying a high quality beard trimmer.


There are some things to consider before buying the right trimmer for your needs.

Your beard length: Which beard length do you want to have? Long, medium, short or stubble?  
The purpose of the trimmer: Do you need the trimmer for your beard only? Or for hair shaving?
Cordless or Corded?Cordless beard trimmers can also be waterproof which makes cleaning (and trimming) a piece of cake . So it is  much more flexible and convenient than corded.
Battery PowerLook for a beard trimmer that has a long battery life. You do not want to be plugging in your trimmer before every shave.
Quality of Blades: Normally  you want  the better and more potent the blades, you need the higher the grade. Do the blades cut stray hairs well and apply the oil to work well?
Ergonomic Shape:   Everybody want the trimmers to be comfortable and easy to hold during the shower. So the ergonomic shape trimmer is  your first choice.



Usability:  It is the one of most important factor when choosing a trimmer. For instant, Is it easy to change the different attachments? The convinitent and durable are important feature for a good trimmer.

Price: The price tag is indeed important.  You don’t want to pay too much to cheap product.  But a good and affordable trimmer worth to have.

Trimmer attachments are also known as comb guards, guides, or hair kit. These accessories make it  convenience when cut beard. 



With a powerful motor, sharp and near-professional-level blades, long-lasting battery life, and excellent selection of sturdy beard guides, That trimmer is the good trimmer for most people.