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How to buy the best hair clipper for home use

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2016-12-03

There are thousands of hair clipping products for different types of hair, which type is best for me?. Here are some important factor in choosing a hair clipper are right for the individual use.

A powerful clipper motors

Clipper motors come in different styles. The universal motors wear out quickly with repeated use. While  the magnetic motors are more durable and expensive.

Clipper attachments

Clipper attachments can make sure the clipper to cut straight.  A clipper with a variety of attachment is useful  when cutting different lengths and thicknesses of hair.



Corded or Cordless

A lot people prefer to choose cordless for personal use, while others do not. If you use clipper often for a large family, the corded clipper is work better.

For small boys, a cordless will be a good choice.


Clipper Blades

The blades is one of the most important parts for a clipper. A bull blade might be burn your skin. Choosing a sharp blades or replace it make best hair cut. 

Blade Sizes

Since different blade size is for different purpose. There are some clippers for home and professional use. Choose the size that best fits your hair texture. The smaller the blade, the closer it clips.

Your budge, If you know what you're doing, it's worth paying a little extra for a high-quality model that will last longer and have a good result. You can always upgrade when you're more comfortable cutting hair yourself.

Who use the clipper? If you're cutting hair for children's, choose a small clipper. For an adult's thick or curly hair, you might be buy as powerful clipper as you can.

When you make a decision about the set of hair clippers that are right for your needs, Keep your hair cutting needs in mind , then you will got the right clipper easily.