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How to choose the right hair flat iron to avoid hair damage?

  • Author:Ivy Yan
  • Release on:2016-10-12

I have a fashion outlook hair flat iron, high quality, high-end hair styling tools. Really? Why the hair flat iron doesn't work well? I spent so much money.

For all professional salon or home user, the first thing we must to know is how to chose the right hair flat iron for your hair.

First, all of the upper shell and the down shell of the hair flat iron will have a slight slide, you can test if the two shells sliding too much angle, if yes, this is not a very good flat iron, not a professional hair styling iron.

Then, there is a little gap between the two plate, because the heat makes the parts expand, and the ligtle gap helps the flat iron work more smoothly, and will never pulls hair. Just check it carefully when you decide to buy one, widely gap doesn't work good for your hair styling.

Third, it's important to consider the temperature, many client asked me: can you make very high temperature hair flat iron? we want the highest temperature hair flat iron. In fact, this is not a good point, so, what's ideal temperature?
According to the testing, 180℃ to 230℃ is the higheset temperature setting for our hair, and 240℃ is most for thick hair.

In a word, reference above information and find a right profession hair flat iron for your styling, you could visit more information from our website, a professional hair styling iron manufacturer from China, and you we have so many professional hair styling iron for your beauty and healty hair.