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How to clean my hair tool?

  • Author:Cathy
  • Release on:2016-10-24

“ My flat iron got hair spray all over it, how do I clean it off?” Vivi asked.

Here is the household tip which is useful and helpful for cleaning the hair tools.

Turn on the flat iron and let it to heat up for a moment. Then turn off the flat iron and wait the flat iron to cool fully. The rubbing alcohol is flammable, so you do not use it on a hot flat iron!

Just grab a clean washcloth and rubbing alcohol! Simply wet the washcloth with the rubbing alcohol and rub over a COOL flat iron. It’s amazing just how clean they can get!

And in just a few minutes. If there is a few stubborn spots, you can wet your washcloth with rubbing alcohol and wrap around the iron at the tough spot. Then after rubbing again if it is still stubborn try using your finger nail! The rubbing alcohol certainly softens the residue that is on your curling irons from hairspray and other products, sometimes you’ll need to do a little scraping to get it completely clean.

Dry the iron off. Get a dry towel and begin drying off the iron, making sure that there is no water left. Then leave your clean iron alone for a few hours to make sure all the water is completely gone and the iron is dry.

DO NOT use a flat iron with any water left on it. This is a serious electrocution hazard that we should avoid.
And we are finished!
Girls, let us get it done and say goodbye to the nasty appliances!