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How to take care of your hair during changing weather?

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2016-12-02

Mo matter where you live in, you have to face the changing weather. Wind, Humidity, and fog can create changes in your hair. How can you make sure your hair is ready to be able to handle it? I think it is the right time to give your hair some special care. You can use any of the following tips to take care of your hair.


1. Trim for dry hair. Your hair ends are probably looking a little dry during the whole winter. It is right time for a trim and will give your hair a fresh new start by keeping it tangle-free. Most important , it  will avoid split ends and promote long, strong hair for summer. 

2. Keep a bristle comb. You might be taste of  high wind that all the changes in the weather.  Using a wide-tooth comb, so you can brush you hair quickly to make sure it looks presentable and intact.

3. Clarify. In order to get rid of residue from the shampoos , you can try a DIY apple cider vinegar rinse to reboot your hair. After the treatment, your hair recover  shiny and  refreshed again.

4. Fight the frizz. Humidity, fog, and wind can make your hair frizz up. Keep a travel-sized serum in your bag for frizz-free hair on the go! So a little tip is use an anti-frizz or shine serum to keep your strands from fraying up again after you blow dry and style.  

5. Tie it up. Try a neat ponytail to keep your hair  from your face If you’re in hurry and need a quick fix,. You can protect your hair from all the environmental changes by keeping the look clean and put together.

6. Have a  healthy diet. Eating a nutritious diet can protecting you away from oils and fats, in this case your hair keep glossy and natural.

7. Pat, don’t rub. When you’re out of time, you still want to dry our hair as quickly as possible. No worry,   Patting the hair after shower will prevent damage, breakage, frizz.

8. Stimulate your scalp. The best way to keep you hair in good shape is give your head a massage with olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil once a week. Head message can stimulate your scalp and  keep your scalp healthy and moisturized.

9. Choose a hat. If you have to work out of the door, wear a hat can reduce the expose time of your hair in fog day. This way keep your hair from damage by the weather changes to some extent.