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How to take care of your hair extensions

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2017-01-03

If you want to natural human hair extensions looks well and long lasting, you really need to learn how to take care of your hair extensions in a right way.  You should always follow the suggestion from your stylist. Meanwhile here are some advice that help you keep hair extensions beautiful and long lasting.


It is best to wait 2 days before wash your hair extensions according to the instructions. Detangle the hair before shampooing, and then wash you hair from the roots to the ends, Use a high quality shampoo to clean your hair hair and scalp!  Do not use conditioner near the extension attachments. It make your extensions fall out. Dry your hair gently.



Avoiding heat styling as much as possible, the often you use the heating curler, the shorter it will last. Pay more attention to the blow dryer and carefully use the dryer. If you have enough time , wait it to air dry.  Use a bristle brush for hair extensions and remember to brush in a downward motion.

Hair styling products
Use a good quality conditioner to keep your hair soft instead of alcohol hair styling product that will makes hair dry. The best way is to double check with your stylist whether your styling product are ok or not.

Hair treatments
If you want to  perm or color your hair, Let your stylist take care of all hair treatments.

Make sure your hair is dry before sleeping, Never sleep on wet hair.