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How to treat a curling iron burn

  • Author:Cathy
  • Release on:2016-11-22

Heating hair tools usually make our lives much easier — a few strokes of a flat iron or twists of a curling iron and your desired' do is achieved. But you should take special care to the heating hair tools, especially the curling irons. Or it might lead to minor burns on your neck, forehead, and even your hands.

Here’s how to treat the minor burns.

Step 1: Bring down the temperature immediately
Open the freezer and grab a bag of frozen veggies, or, better yet, an actual ice pack, and set it on the area. If you're not near a kitchen, splash some cold water to the burn.

Step 2: Moisturize
The burn may enter a blister phase and you want to use gentle emollients to promote healing. You can use coconut oil or Aloevera gel.

Step 3: Resist picking! 
Consider the scab a natural Band-Aid. The burn is less likely to scar in a moist environment, under the scab. The skin underneath is regrowing, so you don’t want to reinjure it by lifting off the scab before it's ready to shed naturally.

Step 4: Protect
Once the burn has healed, apply a physical sunblock with titanium or zinc dioxide daily to shield it from sun damage (which can make any lingering marks darker).