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How to wash your hair in the right way

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2016-12-08

Everybody might shampoo every other day. But do you think you know how to wash your own hair the right way. Maybe it sounds really straightforward. But do you really?

Washing the hair properly will make your hair healthy and shine. But if you are in the wrong way, you will damage your lovely locks without even realizing it. Today we will share good tips for washing it the right way.


1. Start with a rinse
Before adding the shampoo, you should rinse the hair wet thoroughly. Using the warm water will open the cuticle and loosens the oils through the scalp.


2. If you have long hair, condition first.
Apply a small mount of conditioner to protect fragile ends from drying out and further damage.

It will not only keep ends healthy,  cuticle with moisture, but leave your hair boosting shine.


3. Choose a shampoo and conditioner good for your hair texture. 

If your hair is dry, select  moisturizing products for dry hair. While color-safe formulas for colored hair. Volumizing shampoos normally best for fine hair types.


4. Lather up at the scalp.
The best way to lather up is from roots to ends. Just shampoo the hair at the scalp.

Keep in mind a quarter-sized  amount of shampoo is ok for your hair. Unless your hair is very long and thick, you can double shampoo to clean.


5. Do not friction
Washing the hair gently, as friction can make hair breakage and frizz. Using vertical strokes with medium pressure can really stimulate hair growth.


6. Never wash your hair twice

There’s no need to wash your hair twice. Unless the hair is extremely dirty and the first shampoo didn’t clean thoroughly.


 7. Finish with a cold water rinse.
The last step is very important. Rinse the shampoo with cold water that will shut the cuticle tight, sealing the shingle-like outer layer.