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Mistakes You're Making When You Blow dry Your Hair

  • Author:Liz
  • Release on:2017-08-02
Many woman do not know why her hair is split ends,texture,porosity,popping and snapping,and when it is damaged. Actually everybody knows electric product will harm our body, if not pay a attention,its damage will expand. So using a product in right way is very important, to correct some mistakes you made is firstly that you should to do,now let us begin with Blow Dryer.

Mistake #1: Your Hair Is Too Wet
For less damaging to your hair,you should let it pre-dry (about 60-to-65 percent dry)before start to blow dry your hair,but a lot of women start with sopping wet hair.

Mistake #2: You're Not Giving Enough Lift
The roots! If you want some lift and volume, use your hands to comb your roots up and blow-dry.

Mistake #3: You're Starting in the Wrong Place
Put your round brush in at the roots, make the roller brush down to the ends then take it back up to the roots, concentrating your blow dryer on that area and your hairline first.By the time your roots and your hair midway down is dry, your ends should be pretty close. Then start to roll the ends on the brush and finish drying.

Mistake #4: You're Not Using Your Products Correctly
If you're going for volume, you want to concentrate product at the roots—since putting the products on your ends will pull your hair down. And if you're a hairspray fanatic,you need to spray it from a distance which will allow for even distribution,And keep it to a light spray—a close, heavy spray means that it actually builds up in one area, and your look will collapse.

Mistake #5: You're Not Using the Right Brush
If you have a round paddle brush that features metal in the middle, or a metal core, it can certainly provide a smoother look—but it also heats up like an flat iron, so remember to keep drying time to a minimum since it is more damaging. And if you have coarse hair or are prone to fly always? It's better to skip those altogether for a traditional boar or nylon bristle brush, as the ones with metal tend to not have as many bristles and therefore don't provide as much tension for a smooth "pull.

Mistake #6: You're Not Letting Your Hair "Set"
Letting your hair cool down on the brush before moving on to the next section will make your style longer lasting,It will actually set it.Translation? Unless you want to do this process again tomorrow, just chill and let your hair cool down on that brush, girl. It's that one thing that makes your post-salon hair so much better.

Mistake #7: You're Not Using a Nozzle
That attachment that came with your hair dryer when you bought it—and that you conveniently tucked under your bathroom sink never to be seen again? Yeah, you need that sucker. if you don't use it, it just sprays the hair with heat all over,It won't be concentrated on the cuticle and you won't get that smooth look.