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Popular Hair Straightening Brush

  • Author:Cathy
  • Release on:2016-11-24

Hot brushes are simpler to use than tong-style curling irons and rollers, and if you want a quick curl style, a hot brush is a good choice.




Here I would like to introduce to your our most popular hair straightening brush F998BA.

Wholesale electrical ulstrasonic infrared hair straightening brush F998BA

The brush itself looks good. I love the colour. And it is easy to hold.

To switch the brush on you simply push and hold the On/Off button. The LED display will show the temperature of 150C.

The booklet recommends the following temperatures:

Thick Hair - 375F - 410F or 190C - 210C

Normal Hair - 340F - 375F or 170C - 190C

Thin Hair - 300F - 340F or 150C to 170C​

As I have fine and damaged hair, I only select the temperature setting 150C. It took a few minutes to reach the desired temperature (the LED light stopped flashing when it was ready).

Section out your hair, it is easier to style. My hair had been left to dry naturally after I washed it. Side Note: Don't ever use the brush on wet hair.

As I began to straighten my hair it felt initially quite strange. You will get familiar with it after a few practice. It didn't take too long to get used to them. As the brush is anti-skin, you can touch  the tip with your bare hands and will not get hurt.

The end result? I really liked it. My hair wasn't as dead straight as my flat iron get it, but I really like the straight but more natural looking straight hair it achieved.

Since I've had them I have used them frequently. I like the different look they give me. Would I recommend them? Yes. If you want a more natural straight look they are perfect.​