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Super soft hair 5 simple tips

  • Author:Amiee
  • Release on:2017-03-10
How to make hair look soft? These 5 tips will help you.
1. dry hair Sal
In order to absorb more nutrients to let you know you have dry hair. After using the shampoo hair before adding some two minutes to wrap a towel dry hair conditioner.

2. main end of hair protect
The roots are no strings attached-this is part of a new and healthy hair! Follow the Middle shaft through a heavy treatment and down every strand is coated with a wide-toothed comb to make sure that you deploy.

3. trap heat
Terry-lined shower head soak inside and hold your hair while you absorb the conditioner for 10 minutes. Kap hair treatment very well really suck opens the hair follicles so that Steam.

4. do not rinse very well
Rinse your hair really good point! Rinse with cold water until your hair is a little slippery. Did your strands Hair Conditioner every day keep up the good work.

5. choose your Peru treatment
Thin and dry hair: hair do keep alive! A deep hair conditioner with vitamin e hair moisturizes without adding heavy oils to weigh you down.