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The best 3 hair tools for men

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2016-11-29

The hair tools such as hair straighteners ,hair curlers normally considered to be part of a woman's beauty regimen,  men can use them as well.  Most men are confident using these awesome hair tools as needed. Here is the best hair tools for men.


Mini hair flat iron  

The mini hair straightener is easily the best mini hair straightener for short hair and usually used in most salons.  These ceramic plated straighteners protect the hair from heat damage and  will give you a long lasting, sleek, and straight style.  Mircro-size for easy styling on the go, for men and women;

Tips for using hair straighteners for men:

1.Make sure your hair totally dry and clean before straightening;
2.Apply a heat protectant product to damp or dry hair;
3.Divide your hair into thin sections, working from the roots to the end;
4.Turn the styler inward or out to create waves and curls;

Mini curling iron

The cute curling tongs is a home use travel mini hair curling iron with swivel cord and perfect for create curls and ringlets. No complex operation, easy to use. The smaller barrel style means that you can get to the hair roots, style bangs, and won’t be heating excessive chunks of hair at once.

Tips for using mini curling iron for men:
1.Choose right size of hair curlers according to the length and type of hair. For example, use curlers with a small circumference on short hair.
2.Apply the hairspray to help ensure the curls hold. If rolling the hair while it is dry;
3.Starting at the end of the hair, roll hair tightly around the curler in towards the scalp. Secure the curler next to the scalp.
4. Use a hair dryer to warm the hair which sets the curls. Allow hair to cool, gently remove the curlers and style.

Men’s Bristle Brushes

Hot bristle brush is equipped with bristles  and the highest quality hair straightening tools espiccally for thinning, dry hair. You can use the brush on any hair type or length to achieve thicker, fuller hair. They  are thinner, have a heavier set handle, and are more comfortable to use when styling. Always keep in mind to use brushes on dry hair.

Tips on brushing the hair:
1. Focusing on the scalp to stimulate the scalp;
2. At least 60 seconds, massaging the scalp;
3. Do not use boar bristle brushes on wet or damp hair;
4. Do not need to use a shine serum or spray after;