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Mini Hair Straightener?

  • Author:Jarvan
  • Release on:2017-02-16
As For all we know, there are people who love the beauty of the heart About all ... Tong, you need to know Mini hair straightener seted website I couldn't live there What Mini hair straightener to find best for what was more beautiful than I want to go for the trip.

Application and size Mini Hair Straightener

This mainly on the fringe, used for promotional products or positive vale. Mini hair Approximately 20 mm * 180 mm below Panel?

Power and temperature

HIS 25 w, but still as a standard certificate model power. and temperature is 120 ° c can be set, and put into and-230 ° c cannot be. But usually clients 180 ° c – 210 ° c.

FBT high quality products, very cheap and was established in 2004 and this year. Automatic Tong. Mini Hair straightener has a Portable gas energy cell makes the heat in front of the eyes of Mini hair straightener. So you do not have Now there is a need to look for the exit. Mini hair straightener if used, must be draw a lot of people.