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What are mainly components of FBT Hair dryer?

  • Author:Liz
  • Release on:2017-06-28

There are many types of hair dryer in our FBT company, but its construction is almost same ,all of them are made of shell, handle, motor, fan,electric heating element, fan blades, switch ,power cord and so on.


As follow we will state more for these components.

1. Shell

it can modify the appearance of hair dryer ,and prevent the component inside from damage or get rusty.

2. Motor and Fan

Motor and fan all is inside of machine, and the fan is on the top of motor. when the motor is working , it will pull the air in from air inlet and push the air out from air outlet.


3. Electric heating element

It is made of electric wire fired, neighbored with air outlet,  when motor exhaust the air, the heating wire will heat up and change into hot air. Some hair dryer, it have installed Thermostat close to heating element. when the temperature exceeds the predetermined one ,it can make protection by shut off the power .

4. Fan blades

There is a round Fan blades in the air inlet for controlling the volume of the wind, if no,you can cover a part of paper to adjust the volume .
If taking a little of air in, blowing out the wind is relatively hot, if take a lot of air in, blowing out the wind is not too hot. It should be noted that the air outlet can not be blocked too much, otherwise it will damage the motor or burn the heating element because the temperature is too high.

5. Switch

There are some switch for hot wind,cold wind and stop button , mostly we use white stand for STOP ,red for HOT and blue for COLD. It apply for adjust the temperature by these buttons.

Hair dryer is used everyday, we share it just for you to know more about it.