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What is MCH heater and how does it work?

  • Author:Jarvan
  • Release on:2017-02-15

Metal Ceramic heater is a late-model product. and also be named ceramic heater. But only apply to clamp plating, not curling iron.

More fast heater

MCH products can heat up very quick, Its conventional heating rate is 40s to 200C, but we think is enough totally, Because of the high temperature influence for all of the MCH heater products, and all MCH products must have strict control in manufacture, but not all of the curling iron have it, some of the unformed factory can’t support strict control the temperature, and even they are working on really high temperature.

FBT can control the defeat rate to 0.1% because we use 2pcs fuse to control the MCH heater temperature to 200C.

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