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Why FBT apply Silicone Material on the hair tools

  • Author:Liz
  • Release on:2017-12-21
Recently FBT team--curling iron supplier have designed one model with silicon handle, idea for consumer applying the hair tools will not slip whatever your hands is dry or wet, not sticky, and UV resistant--will not harden or fade. So that is why FBT--hair straightener supplier use the silicone material on the products.

The most important point for our hair tools is silicone rubber can withstands high and low temperatures far better than their organic rubber counterparts.

Ability to be used continuously at 150°C (302° F) with virtually no change in its properties.
Certain silicone compounds can withstand use even at 200°C (392° F) for 10,000 hours or more.
Some silicone rubber products can withstand heat upwards of 350°C (662° F) for short periods.

Silicone rubber also exhibits excellent resistance to cold temperatures.

Embrittlement point for some silicone parts is between -60° to -70°C, (-76° to -94° F) (organic rubber is between -20° to -30°C, (-4 to -22° F)
Some silicone products are able to withstand extremely low temperatures, keeping their elasticity at -100°C (-148° F) and below.

We FBT--hair styling iron supplier always consider more to our consumer, no matter is its quality inside or material outside of products.