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Come and See the hot selling auto spin curler at FBT

  • Автор:Alice
  • Отпустите на:2017-06-08

Hands up!!!!! How many of you girls out there own a curler but always fail at curling your hair, or have never managed to get it to curl the way you want it to?

A magical spin curler just need 5 minutes and create beautiful looking tresses that looks just like those in the movies. Really?
You might ask why is it so magical, is it really can help lazy girl make beautiful hair curls?Follow me and I will let you know the reason.


1.Awesome hair styling in 5 minutes

It is called one touch magical spin curler . You just need to clamp the root of hair on the root of barrel and press the L or R button to wrap the end of hair on the barrel. It is perfect for cerating volume, C curls, S curls, J curls in seconds.

2.Make your hair more shiny

Korea ceramic heating barrel, hydrates hair, eliminates frizz, and reduces the chance of hair breakage


3. Patent by FBT, Original design auto spin curler

4. 2 PTC heaters provides constant heat over the entire barrel,

5.Adjustable temperature from 160C-220C makes it perfect for different hair type

You can’t Imagine how much more beautiful it would be if you had more than 5 minutes to style it.
Go on, buy it.