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Types of split ends and what they mean

  • Автор:Cathy
  • Отпустите на:2017-06-16

Split ends are a common occurrence in persons with long hair. I am pointing out the five most common types of split ends and what they indicate about your hair .

Y-Split: The cortical cells are still held together but large sections are beginning to split.
What it means: You may not be trimming frequently enough.  

The candle split signifies a loss of the outer cuticle and while a split has not started, the strand is highly likely to split at any time.   
What it means: You need a trim (duh!).

Single strand knots are most common in natural hair where the curls and coils have tangled and caused their own knot.  
What it means: If you have curly hair, try low manipulation and protective styles.


Incomplete Split: The hair shaft is weakened at a specific spot but has not split yet.
What it means: It could be from where the elastic is rubbing against your strands.
The feather split means that there has been excessive damage done to your hair shaft, which has weakened and caused multiple splits along the strand. This type of split is most common in women with bleached or color treated hair.
What this means: Extend the time between color treatments and avoid other stressors.