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What is the plate material of a flat iron?

  • Автор:Cathy
  • Отпустите на:2016-12-09

Flat irons are very convenient. There are many types of hair flat irons. When you decide to buy the best flat irons for your hair type, the first and most important thing you should know about flat irons is the plate material.

Plate Material
All these hair tool terms may seem like fancy, made-up, useless buzzwords, but that’s not the case! In fact, the differences can really help you decide on the right tool for you.

Ceramic is very popular for both for salon quality and at-home irons because it is very smooth and it minimizes the damage for hair. There are two types of ceramic plate: full ceramic plates and ceramic coating plates.

Full ceramic plates are smooth and will not wear off after long time’s usage. But it is heavier than ceramic coating, and easy to get damaged. If you incidental drop your flat iron with full ceramic plate, the plates will get broken. Think of you are holding a china or tray at your hand.

Ceramic coating plate on aluminum plates, it is light weight and strong. The plates will not broken easily. It is very smooth while styling. But after a few years’ usage, the ceramic coating will wear off. For some big brands, the ceramic coating is very good, it will not wear off for over 5-8 years or even longer. But for some cheap/fake items, it may wear off in a very short time.

Most ceramic plates are added with tourmaline.Tourmaline is a newer material use in heat styling tools. It’s great because since it’s an organic crystalline mineral, it produces wavy more negative ions than ceramic. Negative ions are a good thing because they balance out the positive ions of dry hair, so your hair can lay flat and frizz free. Science rules.

Titanium plated irons have fast heat transfer and even heat distribution, regardless of your hair type. In general, titanium makes for a heavy-duty iron, which is extra great for anyone with thick, curly hair.