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Which size curling iron do you need?

  • Автор:Alice
  • Отпустите на:2016-12-13

 Sometimes buying a  perfect curling iron can be hard. As  there are various of barrel size, even though they don’t seem like much difference such as 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch, produce different curls. Today I am going to figure you out what each size curling iron does  to help you get the wave that you desired.

Different type of curls need different hair curling irons. what size curling iron do you need? It depends on the wave you want.  If you are the first time to buy new curler, you definitely don’t know what size is good for your hair.

First you need to know a general idea about what style do you want. Do you want beachy waves or full curls. And the following tips will help you to know the kind of curls you can get from different type of curler.

1/2 Inch hair curler for tighter and ringlet curls.
3/4 Inch is good for vintage-style curls that not as tight as the 1/2 inch produce.
1 Inch hair curling tongs is perfect choice for people who want to create soft beachy waves with shorter or medium hair.

1 1/4 Inch hair curling wand is my favorite size, and it help you to create classic loose curls.
Go for voluminous curls, the no 1 choice is the 1 1/2 Inch hair styler.
The 2 Inch barrel hair curler would be your first choice for  making bend and volume on the ends of hair. The curl is very loose so  it is best to keep this barrel to imitate a blowout styl