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Ceramic plate VS Titanium plate, which is better?

Alice 2016-11-09 15:47:03

Which hair straightener is better? Ceramic or titanium? You may be often confused by the similar questiones.

 As you see, ceramic and titanium flat irons are the two most important type of hair tools. A lot of professional stylist profer to use, but there are certain different
 in the result. Read on to learn what the differences among the options and find out which choice is best for you.

The best MCH heater ceramic hair straightener EHS-7422 at FBT.

Ceramic is a non-metallic, inorganic material that distributes the heat evenly across the surface.
It can protecting hair from heat damage caused by uneven hot spots and proven performance at a fraction of the cost, suitable for home useage.
However, the ceramic coating can get chiooed in time, bringing your hair with the alumium underneath, causing snagging.

The best titanium plate hair flat iron EMS-7115 for professional salon use at FBT.

Titanium is a lightweight, low-denity lustrous metal that offers high temperature stability. It can heat up much faster within seconds and distributing the heat
evenly throughout the surface. It can also emits a higher ionic that makes hair straight and sleek in lesser time. Suitable for heavy salon useage, less for daily
usage. However the titamium plate can cause higher damage to hair if not used carefully.But if you are professional or expericend, titanium flat irons can give
faster result and keep the hair smooth and shiny.

Now that you know the difference between plating materials, you are ready to make a decision about the hair straightener that is perfect for you.