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How often should you wash the hair?

Alice 2016-11-21 15:14:17

"How often should I wash my hair?” is one of the most concerned questions for most people. Does it matter what hair type you have? or does it matter what shampoo, serums or sprays you use?

We all have the friend who makes blowouts last the whole week, while others like to wash every day. so what’s the right answer for how often you should wash your hair?

 Frequency of washing the hair depends on several factors: scalp oiliness, hair type, lifestyle, and personal preference. There is no comprehensive advice. If hair is very oily, or scalp is scratchy,” so these signals maybe remind you that it’s time to shampoo.

Who should shampoo daily? And who can go a few days without washing? Only a small group person needs to shampoo daily, it depends on your hair type.

If you have fine hair and oily scalp, it will start to look dirty and flat after 24 hours. Or if you workout daily and sweats,  you can wash you hair daily to keep clean and shine finish.

But for thick hair, or less oil, you may be able to go 2 or 3 days without needing a shampoo. Especially for curly hair, there is no need to wash hair frequently.

But if you washing hair daily, it will strips our natural oils and proteins, make hair dryer and frizzy. If your hair gets oily after only a day, try using some hair powder or dry shampoo on your roots to soak up some of that excess oil.

There are also tons of styling products on the market for in-between wash days that will help your hair get some extra lift and smell fresh. The most important thing is to find a hair gels or hair conditioner that will moisturize and balance the scalp and hair. Then next day your hair will looks better and healthy.

Generally speaking, At most, try washing your hair every other day.

Every three days is even better and if you can make it during the week, go for it!