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How to get Hair Healthy if Using Irons Daily

Liz 2017-07-07 12:07:35

A curling or straightening iron can style any waves what do you want, and get different look everyday. But applying these hair tools daily,it would be damage the hair texture that everyone worried. How to keep the hair healthy if using it frequently?

As for a hair tools company, FBT,we always wan to present some good idea for you.


Firstly, to get a quality products like FBT.

1.We inspect all material if it is with high quality ,to make sure reducing damage on hair when applying a straightener or curling wand on your hair daily.so here are some material we used as follow.
   Ceramic irons heat quickly and evenly, so they’re not as likely to burn your hair. They also produce negative ions that help smooth cuticle and boost shine.
   Tourmaline irons can produce 6 times the amount of negative ions that ceramic models do.
   Titanium irons are usually the most expensive, but they heat quickly and evenly.

2.Many straightening and curling irons only have low, medium, and high heat settings. But our iron is with digital heat controls that allow you to choose a specific temperature to heat to.

3.The size of your straightening or curling iron can also affect how damaged your hair becomes. Our FBT smaller iron it suit shorter hair and larger iron for extremely thick or long hair, also mini hair curling for tight ringlet curls and extra curling rod for loose waves.

Secondly, applying your iron.

1.Dry your hair completely. Before you use any type of iron on your hair, it’s crucial that you dry it first. If your hair is wet when you apply heat to it, you will literally boil the moisture out of it and do serious damage.

2.Apply a heat protestant. Before you use your curling or straightening iron, you want to protect your hair so it won’t lose too much moisture from the heat.

3.Heat each section of hair briefly. If you leave the iron on any one section of hair for too long, you run the risk of burning it. To avoid damage, never leave the curling or flat iron on a single section of hair for more than 3 to 5 seconds.


Finally,Repairing damage

1.Use a moisturizing shampoo. Heat styling with an iron strips your hair of the natural moisture that keeps it healthy. To keep your hair hydrated, switch to a moisturizing
shampoo that will clean your locks while also delivering moisture-rich ingredients.

2.Deep condition your hair weekly. While you should use a traditional conditioner each time you shampoo your hair, it’s also important to deliver a more intense dose of hydration at least once a week.

3.Moisturize your hair with oil. Both traditional and deep conditioners are washed out of the hair, so their moisturizing effects don’t always last all day.

4.Get regular trims. By getting your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks, you’ll remove the damaged hair so your locks look healthier overall.

If you can’t give up your favorite heated styling iron,though,there are ways to minimize the damage,just keep these tips for your hair healthy.