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Things to Look for When Buying the Hair Wavers

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2017-09-01
“I really love this tool! It's made my hair fun again! I have natural wave that just turns into a frizz ball and this little tool brings out the real waves and smooth out my frizz. I love it” said Anne, She is so delighted  to share here new bed head beach weaver with her friends.

The Hot Tool Waver is the wave magic tool that you require to get access to luxurious curls and waves. You can attain the same hair quality for your daily appearances as long as you are equipped with the right hair weaver.

Here are some factors( such as heating systems, barrels, size, price, safety features, and your requirements) that you need to consider when choosing a good hair waver.

Things to look for when buying the  Hair Wavers

1. Whole body Size
The whole body Size is an important thing that you should always consider. As  you are the one who will be using the tools. It will cause inconveniences if the size of the device is be too big and too heavy.

2. The Barrel Size
Most Curling devices have diameters ranging from around 16mm up to 37mm. Barrels with smaller widths grants you tighter curls while those with larger diameter gives you looser curls.
If you have thin hair, Choosing the hair waver having shorter barrels
For thick hair, a larger barrels will be better.

3. Temperature Settings
Depending on the stiffness of your hair, the intensity of heat required adjustable. W hen the temperature is very high, your hair might be damaging or tearing. Various types of hairs are curled with different heat setting. For example, thick hair needs high temp while thin hair needs low heat.

4. The Material of the Heating curler
Most popular and safety curler  is coated with the ceramic tourmaline.
Ceramic Tourmaline Technology that radiates far-infrared heat to help preserve and lock in your hair’s natural moisture. The technology also releases ions that help seal the hair cuticle and leave behind a shiny result.

With FBT tourmaline ceramic Three Barrels hair curler ESC-8317 , you can get a smooth and shiny waves with no time.