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FBT hair styling tools for men

  • Author:Liz
  • Release on:2017-07-04

Hair styling tools serve to enhance the shape of your hair after you’ve applied your hair styling products or styled your hair. And it is becoming more and more popular as people are realizing of their benefit when used correctly.So our FBT products were designed not only for girl ,but also for men. Now we will list some hair tools for men.

Hair dryer

Hair dryers are hair styling tools that allow for the faster drying of one’s hair through the blowing of warm air onto the hair. Likewise, hair dryers are great for styling hair into peculiar forms as well as for enhancing the overall volume of one’s hair.


Hair dryers should not be used daily; the maximum frequency of use for hair dryers is every other day (i.e. one day “on”, one day “off”, one day “on”, one day “off”, and so on). Ideally, a heat-protecting product should be applied prior to blow drying the hair.

Hair straightener

Hair straighteners allow for the straightening of hair in a convenient manner. Hair straighteners work by delivering heat to the hair strands so as to alter the hair strands’ structure. Hair straighteners are also known as flat irons or hair irons.

The straightening effect of hair straighteners is temporary; once you wet the hair again, the hair will go back to its natural hair type. Hair straighteners are not only great for straightening hair but also for creating layers on the hair, thus hair straighteners open a new door of hairstyles for a male.


Hair straighteners suit all hair types and hair lengths although hair straighteners work their best on medium to long-length hair (i.e. hair that is longer than two inches in length). You should apply a heat-protecting product to your hair prior to using a hair straightener so as to minimize any damage to the hair inflicted by the high heat of the hair straightener.

Hair clipper

Hair clippers allow for the buzzing of the hair very short. Typically, a hair clipper will allow for the buzzing (i.e. clipping) of the hair from a near-shaved length all the way up to half an inch.


As a male, having a hair clipper at home will go a long way in opening a new door of hairstyles. Furthermore, being able to buzz one’s hair will also save one plenty of money from reducing the number of barbershop visits as mastering a hair clipper is easy.

Our FBT hair styling tools no matter from design or technology, is suitable for everyone use, welcome to brows our website to choice one for your male friends.