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Hair brush vs hair comb

  • Author:Cathy
  • Release on:2016-11-01

I’ m fed up with my comb. It takes so long and get so little result for my hair. I’ve read a lot on website about the difference of hair brushes and hair combs. A lot of people point out that the brushed are the devil’s tool for damaging your hair. Why are brushes so bad? Are all brushes bad?"

Comb or hair brush, which one I should use? To make sure that you are using the right tool at the right time, check this guide.
Either tool can cause damage to your locks if used incorrectly.

When to Use a Comb:

When your hair is wet.

Before using styling tools on your hair, you want to comb it and remove the knots.

To work styling products through hair, such as styling cream

To smooth dry hair

To part your hair

To tease your hair

The most important time to use a comb is always when your hair is wet. If you use a brush on wet hair then all you will do is snap and break your strands.

When to Use a Brush:

To create hairstyles.

To smooth hair.

When using a blow-dryer.

To style bangs.

To distribute natural hair oils.

Brushing your hair (after it’s been detangled with a comb), will smooth your strands and help distribute your natural hair oils from root to tip. And you can style your hair by using a hair brush, do J curls or C curls. Or use it together with a blow dryer.

Hair combs or hair brushes, we gotta use what works for us, and use them correctly. Do you agree?