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How to buy the best curling iron wand?

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2016-11-16

Most people confused on choosing a best curling iron wand. The curling iron is a prime tool for styling or creating curls and  closely associated with your hair texture. here we have composed this guide and show how you can choose a best curling iron wand.


Here are four things you should look for in a curling iron, What temperature is great for my hair, Which barrel size is best for you, what shape of wands, what are they made up of . Without wasting time, let’s dig in!

Heat Settings:

Different hair texture demands different temperature range.

You’ll need an iron with adjustable temperature control.

Use a low heat setting- below 175F for fine hair, for thick hair, 300-350F range is perfect, Never go above 400F , it mostly for professional stylist

Shape Of Wands:

Hair Curling iron always comes with various wands or barrels which differ in shape. Here are the most popular shapes.
Cone shaped wand has a smaller tip with a thicker base. It assists in creating thicker tight curls and lossen curls with the same tool.
The straight barrel is common in curling irons. perfect for uniform curls.
Pearl shaped barrel was best for producing naturally looking curls.
Triple barrel curling tongs are known as wavers, ideal for creating wavy hairstyles.

Size for Curling Iron:



1/4 inch curling iron for Super-tight ,small curls.

1 inch curling iron for casual curls, well-defined waves.

1 1/4 inch curling iron for medium , looser curls.

1 3/4 inch curling iron for looser curls.

What  are they made of:

Heating material is the key of curling iron. Here are the most important materials for a curling iron.

· The Ceramic Tourmaline irons: They are the first choice  of professional because they are the healthiest for your hair. Ceramic release intense heating while tourmaline spreads heat evenly and contol frizz by releasing negative ions that close the cuticle down and lock in moisture.
Gold and Titanium irons: they are popular due to its high conductivity and smooth surface, but won’t protect against frizz.

So this was the complete guide to buying a best hair curling iron. If you feel helpful after reading this article, you can share with your family or friends. Now you can pick a right hair curler for your style!