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How to use electic hair clipper at home

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2016-11-23

It is one of the easiest ways for men using electric hair clipper to maintain a neat appearance. In order to save time and money, many people like to home haircuts. Using clippers is very easy and fast with a little experience. You can practice on your family or friends and shortly after you are able to give a perfect haircut every time.

Before giving yourself a haircut with electric clippers, here are some detail steps that can be helpful.

Step 1: Before choosing clippers, you need consider the type of style you’re looking for. For different lengths of hair, you can choose a clippers with a variety of combs and attachments.

Step 2: Select the right guard size. Choose the clipper that have edge guards if you’re cutting near the ears. Using the guard with size 7 or 8 , which leaves an inch of hair on your head. Using a guard shorter than a size 4 will show your scalp, which leaves you sensitive to sunscorch.

Step 3: Before cutting, please make sure your hair is clean and free of hair products such as mousse or hairspray to get an accurate view of the hair.

Step 4: Wrap a towel around your neck to prevent any hair from falling in your shirt when you clip. Hold the hair cutter with the blades down and work opposite direction of your hair's growth, so you can grip more hair.

Step 5: Never going too fast so you don't tug on the hair or hit your scalp. Remove the guard and twist the clipper with your hand. Cut a clean line around the ears and at the back of the neck .Go slowly to avoid making mistake.

Step 6: You can use well-sharpened scissors if there is still uneven hair to cut. Keep the neck feeling comfortable, in order to compare their lengths to ensure they're even, you can cut a line at the bottom of the sideburns.

Step 7: After cutting, please remember to brush the blades free of hair to keep your clipper clean.