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What is the right flat iron size for my hair type?

  • Author:Cathy
  • Release on:2016-10-27

It is a big mistake to use the same flat iron plate size for every hair type. Flat irons are like clothes, they are not one-size fits all.

The right flat iron size allows you to straighten your hair easily, in one pass and with less damage.

So, what size plates do I need?

The flat irons can be classified into 3 type according to the plate width.

Mini plate:

1/2 inch in width, for pixie cuts, bangs

3/4 inch in width, for styling the bangs, men’s hair, short hair.

Medium plate:

1 inch in width, for all kinds of hair, esp for short hair and fine hair

1 1/4 inch in width, shoulder length, medium thick hair

suit for styling and straightening, most popular size

Board plate:

1 1/2 inch in width, thick hair, curly hair longer than the shoulder

2 inch in width, for thick, very long hair

2 1/4 inch in width, for very long, curly hair

suit for straightening, salon use. Normally used for straight thick hair and save time.

In general, the longer your hair, the bigger the iron to use, but styling can be a little bit harder as it is heavier.

For straightening long thick hair, bigger iron is ideal. For precision styling and short cuts, small models are perfect.

If you are looking for an all-purpose tool, an 1-inch is an excellent option.