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Why is steaming so good for your hair?

  • Author:Alice
  • Release on:2016-11-19

Steam therapy is actually becoming a popular service offered in hair salons. It's like a mini massage or facial, so the service is seen as necessary and relaxing to the client on the receiving end.

What is hair Steam Therapy?
Steam Therapy basically means adding  moisture in the form of moist steam  that will help on the journey for healthy hair and growth. Natural hair is like a sunflower; if the flower does not receive water (moisture) deep in its roots, it will not continue to grow.

Why is steaming so good for your hair? Here are some  good reasons to steam your hair.

1.  To add moisture without  fatigue.  Steam allows you to add moisture to your hair without having to start from scratch, soak your hair, or ruin your style and an excellent alternative without the damage.

2.   Enables hair stretching, less shrinkage and tangles: The hair is hydrated, so there is less shrinkage which in turn means less tangles and knots. This makes it easier to detangle and  less breakage.

3. Clean the scalp and promote hair growth: Whenever your hair has the proper moisture balance, you ward off dryness, brittleness, and breakage. This is especially important and is dealing with the line of demarcation between the natural and damaged hair.

4. Promotes clumping and enhances your natural curl pattern.  Because hair steaming allows you to get the moisture without dunking your head in a tub of water, you’re able to walk out the door with lively and defined corkscrews, kinks, coils, and curls and your hair isn’t dripping wet.

5. Helps reduce breakage: the steam helps to add moisture and thus can make dry, brittle and thirsty hair supple, hydrated and healthy. so much moisture that the curls will be able to bend and stretch

Steam therapy treatments have a long lasting result and beneficial for the overall strength. Select a salon quality hair steamer for at home use , it will reduce the costs of going to a salon for the same process.