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Efficacy of Nano Silver

  • Author:Cathy
  • Release on:2016-12-14

Nanotechnology does not require high cost.

Nanotechnology is that of processing the material down to several nano meter range (1nm=10-9mm, 1/10,000 of hair thickness).

Nano Silver will combine with the cell walls of pathogenic bacteria, will then directly get inside the bacteria and quickly combine with sulphydryl (-SH) of oxygenic metabolic enzyme to deactivate them, to block inhalation and metabolism and suffocate the bacteria.

Nowadays, Nano Silver technology is used in coating the surface of electronics, carbons or carbon blocks, textiles, metals, woods, ceramics, glass, papers, mixing to the plastics resin, using in fiber and many others. In FBT, we used nano silver technology in the coating of plates for flat irons or coating of barrels for curling irons.

The core technology of Nano Silver is the ability to produce particle as small as possible and to distribute these particle very uniformly. When the nano particles are coated on the surface of any material, the surface area is increasing several million times than the normal silver foil.

The maximized surface enables strong antibacterial effect with small amount of silver. The most important thing in Nano Silver is to control the purity of silver particle. In case 0.01% of Nickel impurity is added to the Nano Silver particle, it is very harmful to human body. Many researchers are focusing on the possibility to be used in conquering the “SUPER BACTERIA” which is threatening human life in the future.

In addition, Nano Silver will not expire. Light, heat and radiations will now affects its healing qualities.