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Troubleshooting Tips for hair tools

  • Author:Liz
  • Release on:2017-07-31
To repair a electric hair tools, maybe it is out of your ability,but simply inspect and solve the little problem,we think it is piece of cake for you, especially there are some troubleshooting tips we shared for you.Our FBT provide high quality hair tools,include hair flat iron,straightener and hot roller brush,no matter you hold a FBT product or not, pls keep these tips for your family and friend.

Read the User Manual

Before you begin to inspect or disassemble your flat iron or curling iron, you should take a moment to read the product manual. By reading the product manual, you can gain an understanding of the overall components and design and being to evaluate and diagnose the repair issue.

Inspect the Switches

If you are experiencing no power or intermittent power with your hair straightener or curling wand, it is time to take a look at the switches on it. Start by ensuring the on switch is engaged fully in the correct position. In some cases, the switch is simply loose from excessive use and not engage fully. With just a little extra attention as you turn on the hair iron, you can easily fix this concern.

Inspect the Power Outlet

Another way to troubleshoot your hair beauty tools for no power or intermittent power issues is to take a moment to inspect the outlet you are using. If you are using a GFCI or GFI outlet with a reset circuit breaker button on the panel, it may simply need to be reset to start the current of electricity into your flat iron or curling rod. If the reset button on your outlet does not fix the issue, try plugging your electric hair tools into a different outlet to rule out a potential faulty electrical outlet issue.

Inspect the Cable

A practical troubleshooting option when your iron loses power intermittently is to check the power cord for any cuts, cord separation, or exposed wires. Before doing any power cord repair to your iron, ensure the device is completely powered off and unplugged from any electrical outlet. In most cases, you can quickly repair minor wire damage by securing the wires together and wrapping the damaged area in electrical tape.
If the cord is damaged beyond basic repair, you may need to cut the cord and strip the ends with a wire cutter or utility knife. With the wires exposed, simply solder the ends together with a soldering gun then close the gap with a piece of heat shrinkable tubing.

Inspect the Fuse

Find the location of the thermal fuse on your hair styling tools by referring to the product manual display guide, which names and identifies all of the parts included. Depending on the model of flat iron or hair curler, the thermal fuse may be easy to remove and replace. Simply cut the fuse and install a new one by joining the wires with a wire crimp connector.

How to Avoid Hair Tools Damage

The best way to prevent troubleshooting or permanent damage to your hair styling tools is to learn how to avoid potential problems. Learn all you can about common hair tools issues and how to avoid them.
1.How to avoid the Water damage
Keep your hair tools away from sink,bathtub, and toilet to prevent accidental dip into water.
2.How to avoid the Cord damage
Prevent cord from accidental cuts by wrapping and securing it with twist tie.
3.How to avoid the Power damage
Avoid accidental strain on delicate wiring by holding flat iron by cord.